Whereas, the Virginia Colonial Court and Company (Virginia Company of London) Records validate the authenticity of these events/documents for:

1. Documenting the 1st 12-year period of the Virginia Colony, 1607 to 1619 AD;

2. Understanding why and how the idea of the Institution of Indentured Servitude was conceived;

3. Understanding who the intended Indentured Servant really was during this 1st 12-year period;

Whereas, it be known that the English Virginia Colony’s 1st 12-years, 1607 to 1619 AD, embodied itself with Slavery and Starvation upon its 1st wave of almost 2,000 settlers according to authentic Virginia Colonial Records dated in the early 1600s;

Whereas, within this 1st 12-year period there comprised only White (European) Slaves of not more than 2,000 colonists;

Whereas, the Survivors’ Freedom Document dated November 1618 (Emancipation Proclamation if you will), officially called “Instructions to George Yeardley,” declared absolute freedom to all the Survivors (roughly 400 inhabitants) has been hidden from the history books of American Public Education for 400 years this November 2018; this document was delivered to the Survivors of this Slave Colony in April 1619 AD;

Whereas, the title “Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth” presents the issuance and deliverance of the Survivors’ Freedom Document (“Instructions to George Yeardley” or “The Great Charter” of Virginia, 1619 AD);

Whereas, the Survivors’ Testimonial Document of 1624 AD is archived in the Colonial Records of Virginia;

Whereas, petitions/grievances were documented against the Virginia Company of London and its Treasurer, Thomas Smith (Smyth) which led to this company’s Dissolvement;

Whereas, Other Historians have measured and assessed such authentic evidence and rendered their conclusions to the facts reflected in the eBook “Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth;”

Whereas, the eBook’s Cover and Inside Cover for “Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth” contains almost 99 questions for one to use for assignments to pursue the answers contained in this 120 page eBook;

Whereas, a Script for a Screenplay has been prepared for a movie/film of this 1st 12-year period of the Virginia Colony with a sneak preview of its timeline contained in the eBook “Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth;” and

Whereas, based upon these noted Records, You (especially our Younger Generations), now, are Highly Justified to CLAIM that the majority years of the 1st 12-period of the Virginia Colony indulged itself with the practice of Slavery upon its inhabitants using harsh measures, NineConsecutive Years of Slavery while Three-Years were consumed with Consistent Starvation.

NOW, Therefore, I, George Rainey, Jr.(Elder), Owner of Nubian Pageant Systems, Inc. and U. S. Trademarks: “Nubian Pageant Systems” and “Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth” do Proclaim the aforementioned statements of authenticity of factual events/documents stand, henceforth, Certified because such facts were retrieved from the Colonial Records of Virginia.

Done this 1st day of June, 2018, in Maui, Hawaii

Ase and Hotep