Andre’ and Tiffoni, back in 1994 on stage with Terri, at the age of four (4) having them show the audience how to use the mic and stage. Attached also are their graduation pics of late from college…

Tiffoni Moss – Little Nubian Princess Hawaii 1994″

     “The Nubian Pageant has helped me to uphold myself in a graceful manner.  As an adult, I am disciplined and understand the value of practicing to accomplish my goals.  Competing in the Nubian Pageant also helped me to believe in what I and others can achieve when we work hard.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such an event and it is something I will always remember.”
Tiffoni Moss – April 2017
      Sonya Smith
“Miss Nubian Hawaii 1996/97”
     “It has been 20 years since I was honored to receive the title: “Miss Nubian Hawaii 1996-1997″ with Rainey and Rainey’s pageant Systems. I will always remember the day Ms. Terri asked me about participating in their pageant.  My initial response was I couldn’t compete in a beauty pageant and it was then my interest was peaked, because I was introduced to this cultural pageant (not a beauty pageant).  It was so educational and a true confidence booster even though I didn’t expect to win.  I also had been interested in taking some modeling classes and the Raineys informed me I would learn some techniques as part of preparing for the pageant and one of the prizes for the winners was attending John Robert Powers modeling school.”
     “I was awarded a college scholarship, afforded the great opportunity
to learn more about History/Herstory, myself and others, along with making life long friends.  After I completed my title year, I continued to self-develop and do outreach in the community.  I learned how to love so many more people and cultures through being with the Raineys, and I would never trade this experience for anything on earth.  I am so thankful they saw something in me I didn’t know existed nor appreciate about myself.  I can honestly say Nubian Pageant Systems, my fellow brothers and sisters in this family and our community involvement, brought me out of my shell and comfort zone.”
    “Thank you Terri and George for such a wonderful life changing experience and education; you have been a great influence and helped shape the game changer within me.  I could never express my honest gratitude for you both and for asking me to share my testimony after all these years.”

Sonya K. Smith – December 2016

       Carole Reynolds
“Mrs. Nubian Hawaii 1996/97”
    “Mrs. Nubian Hawaii 1996, seventeen (17) years ago, It was the most eventful time of my life.  I have never forgotten the basics: Talk like a Lady, Walk like a lady, Always be proud of who you are.” – March 2013. 
     In the past 17 years my son, now 20 years old, has joined the Air force, following closely in his father’s footsteps, my 18 year old daughter graduated high school, now designing her own destiny.
     I have what it seems to be a life time of adventures, I finished my degree in Criminology … taught Language Arts 8th Grade, started a Mentor and Empowerment Program that won the MLK, Jr. Drum Major Award along with citations from the City and County of Maryland, moved back to Hawaii and co-founded the WHM Empowerment Scholarship Pageant, started the ‘It takes A Village Hawaii’ volunteer program that provides meals to the homeless, support to low-income schools and members of the community.  Now it is 3 years with over 50 volunteers and over 2000 meals served and over 300 toiletry bags given away.
     I have been a Guest Speaker for: 1) the Immigration and Naturalization Office (MLK program) 3 years in a row, and 2) the Delta Sigma Theta Inc founders Day program, and performed at the Egyptian Parade of Stars for the Daughter of Isis as Isis..  Among other honors: 1) Grand Chairman of Trustee for the Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star (OES), 2) Rite of Adoption for the State of Hawaii and its Jurisdiction, Incorporated, 3) Past Worthy Matron of Cosmopolitan Chapter N. 1, and 4) Loyal Lady Ruler of Cosmopolitan Assembly 291 Order of the Golden Circle.
       Andre’ Bhatt
“Little Nubian Prince Hawaii 1994”
“I was only four years old when my parents entered me in the Nubian Prince/Princess Hawaii Pageant in 1994.  I learned a lot about my culture and being a confident individual.  About February, 2010, the Raineys found me on Facebook!  I am now 22 years old and attending Seattle Pacific University (Washington), studying Psychology & Spanish.  The skills I learned in my pageant development when I was 4 years old have been with me all my life. They have helped me in school, college and with my many community and volunteer projects.  I love to help others!  When I reconnected with the Raineys, I could not stop thanking them for all they taught me in my childhood!  It’s so nice to be reconnected with them again!”
Me in March 2011.
     Betina Parker
“Mrs. Nubian Hawaii 1998”
The Raineys came to my Horse Rescue Facility in January 2010!  They researched the web until they found me and then made contact!  They are wonderful people and have helped me in my life too!  I received a valuable college scholarship from  when I won the pageant, and it enriched my life!  I still have my crown and sash which I wore when they came to visit me! They were so happy to see me in it again! I am now a grandma and love what I do for the community and the horses I rescue.”
Betina ow (February 2011) along with her (Family, Friends, & Volunteers) whom have been gracious from the depths of their hearts, and as a result received “Certificates of Accomplishment” from the Honolulu Mayor’s Office recognizing the Equine 808 Horse Rescue Ohana for its dedication to service, relief, shelter, care & rehabilitation of abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. Feel free to visit Betina’s website:
Dieudonne Jean Joseph
“Mr. Nubian Hawaii 1994”
“The Raineys sought me out at a picnic in 1994 as they were seeking men for their Mr. Nubian Hawaii Pageant.  At first, I was not interested, but after I attended their orientation and saw how genuine they were, I was ready!  I had no idea I would win and become a stronger Black Man  through my experience.  When the earthquakes struck my home country of Haiti, I felt compelled to speak out through the news on behalf of my country and thank people for helping Haiti.  I remembered my communication and esteem training and applied it with the compassion I learned in my Nubian Pageant Systems personal development.  It stays with you for life!”
     Jayetiea Faulk
“Mrs. Nubian Hawaii 1997”
 “When approached about the Nubian Pageant, I thought I could never compete in such an elaborate event, let alone win.  I was just a shy country girl who never spoke in front of  crowds.  The experience gained by being a member of the Nubian Family has proven to be priceless, and due to this training I am able to articulate effectively in front of any group–no matter how large or small.” 
“The Nubian Pageant Program also provided me a substantial college scholarship to attend Hawaii Pacific University that merited results of me achieving my Nursing degree that fostered my ultimate goal as to becoming a professional nurse.  Today, I am employed as an Operating Room Nurse at Fort Hood Texas caring for those who proudly serve our country.  Had it not been for the teachings of the Nubian Pageant Family, I would never have had the courage to approach who I consider the most powerful man and woman in the world, President Barack Obama & Our First Lady!”
Me & President Obama – Ft. Hood, Texas – 2009
Me & Mrs. Obama Ft Hood, Texas – 2009
“Thank you Nubian Pageant Systems Family for giving me Confidence, Courage, and the opportunity to advance my education & achieve my goals.  I love you all so dearly, and please don’t stop doing what you do.”